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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It wasn't me, honey. It was Murphy!

Raiden Chronicles - Written by Raiden

This is turning out to be a busy and yet a lazy evening. I am not sure if it is the bright afternoon or the fact that I slept around 3 am, I am drowsy and I am fighting a writer’s block. Days such as this can only be salvaged by a nice cup (or 10) of coffee.

But what has excited me and have inspired to pick up the pen (so to speak) in spite of the drowsiness is what happened this morning.

This chapter began somewhere around two weeks ago. So let us go into a flash back and work our way from there.

Scene changed to black and white… Chicago, early 1920s… a figure in pin stripe suit and hat is intently staring at what appears to be a cookie… next to him is a tommy gun!!


Ok… let’s not flash that far and leave Al Capone out of this. Two weeks will be more than enough to get this story going. But let’s stay in black and white mode, alright?

It all began the day I sent a mail to Quinzel with a bunch of item IDs (the number that we use to identify an in-game item). Little did I know that I was CCing Murphy in the mail. The e-mail included a few costumes and an idea for a promotion that we can push out.

Since a long time, we had not done promotions involving costumes and I figured that you would love a costume give away, especially if it came along with the gold that you purchase from our website – instead of purchasing the costume itself.

Scene change – fast forward to 9/23

We launched the Elegant Panthera Jacket Costume (Green panthera) promotion

Fast forward to the week after the promotion

Someone asked in the forum whether this costume was tradeable and that’s when I discovered that it was not. That day I called up Quinzel and informed her about it and we both went “oh crap!”.

Now that we have reached the end of our flash back, shall we go back to the color please? It’s no fun having M&M’s in black and white. :(

Back to our story…

Usually when we design promotions and events, we try to check every aspect of what we are about to do and try to also see from the user’s perspective to gauge if it is worth the effort we are about to undertake. We try to figure out every angle, every possibility and try to gauge the pros and cons.

So when it comes to a promotion using a costume – especially an unlimited costume give away – it is obvious that many will have multiple costumes and would like to trade/sell the item, right?

This is when Murphy came knocking at the front door.

What was supposed to be an obvious question and a procedure that I have been following since many years, slipped right out of my mind.

But come on… we have a gazillion costumes and they are tradeable. What could go wrong?

So yea… I’m the evil monster you are searching for with pitch forks and torches – the one who is responsible for all the non tradeable costumes that are now rotting away in your inventory.

Kill me not already, angry mob. We still have to get to the climax of this story :s

On Friday we decided that we will talk to IMC and request them to make the costume tradeable and also talk to them about a few other things that we are working on. By the time we collected our thoughts and created an action plan, IMC had already gone home for the weekend. That left me with a choice to wait until Monday.

During the weekend, the weight of the situation started weighing heavily in my mind and I just wanted to get this over with.

What if IMC says that they cannot change this costume?
What would be our plan B?
What if IMC says that they will create a new tradeable version of costume and leave the old one alone? What will happen to all the injections that were going on at the time already?

“We HAVE to convince IMC!”

Monday arrived and first thing I did was to launch MSN to ping our contact and guess what else I forgot?

Monday was a holiday for IMC. /facepalm

After another long day, I finally got to speak to our contact this morning and told them about our lil situation. Even without waiting to hear an answer, I kept pursuing the fact that this request is important to us.

Now I am not sure if I was still lucky (by the way, luck seems to favor me a lot ^^) or because the promise of an ice cream worked, the team from IMC said that they will make the costume tradeable!!

By the time I post this blog, you would have already received your non tradeable costumes and would have already set fire to the thread in the forum. But I am happy :D

We will not be able to change the costumes this week though because in less than 24 hours we will have the maintenance and we still do not have the patch. The change is expected to happen by next maintenance. J

Good news, no?

The question for you at the end of the blog is this.

How evil am I to make you sit through a huge blog post instead of just telling you that the costumes will be made tradeable?

Hehe but I know you love our blogs. Until next time… ^^


  1. Haha :D I fancy your cheery style of explaining things... Good thing you guys will be able to make the costumes tradeable 'u'b
    That picture is hilarious and I'm curious what's gonna be in the next promotion eue~

  2. First we have to lock Murphy in the dungeon :P