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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Ripples of Yesterday

Raiden Chronicles - Written by Raiden

Been a while since I wrote something and I guess today is the right time. Gauging the current mood that I am in, I do not think this blog will be much about Sword. I do not have a specific topic in mind nor am I looking for a topic to blog about.

All I am doing right now is ramble on about a bunch of nothings.

I am slouched in my seat staring at the window curtain flap around in the cold air that is blowing from the AC duct. I can hear the QA guys shouting and screaming as they are playing a game of unreal tournament behind my bay. It is their way of relaxing for half an hour from the hectic months they are having since a while. The hard deadlines that we imposed for Revelations, APB, Victory, Warrock, KoL and some other projects have taken its toll on everyone.

It is only right that they energize themselves with a fiery game of Unreal Tournament.

I still have the unopened UT DVD at my desk – waiting for me to install it and start pwning the QA noobs.

Sword team as a whole is in high spirits. Our plans are seeing the light of the day faster than what we did back in November, revenue is looking good, plans for the future are already taking shape months ahead rather than in the last minute, bugs are getting fixed, things are getting released and a whole bunch of things are happening in the background.

Just last week we received a patch from IMC that will however see the light of day only after a month or two. We are ahead of all curves this time and we are not running around like a bunch of headless chicken – Quinzel taught me that analogy.

We have been working on a lot of future plans and most of them are nearing the first stages of their completion. Excel documents are waiting to be sent to IMC after one final run through, a bunch of bugs that still needs to be documented, patches waiting to be pushed live to fix some critical bugs… How can we not be ecstatic about the things to come?

Back to the game – later today there will be a regular maintenance with the release of a patch to fix the critical dual login bug. While talking about it, I also need to appreciate and thank the few users who have come forth with this information as soon as it was discovered. We are aware of the harm this kind of bug can bring and IMC will be helping us pull the data we require to gauge the damage that has been inflicted. This normally ends up with a few mischievous users banned. Come on… you didn’t think we wouldn’t notice, did you? ;-)

All that aside, I need a vacation. Some quality time with my friends who has been around in my time of need. I will be away for 4 days starting this Friday for a lil “me time”. I need to recuperate and focus and save my energy for the months to come.

I know that I have been absent from the forums for a very long time compared to how much I used to spam along with you guys. I apologize for that. However, we are trying to bring in Fynlo into the active forum duty while Quinzel and I work on keeping the ball bouncing. In all sincerity, we love spending time in the forum and talk with everyone. Alas, spamming in the forum does not keep the engines running.

The release of Revelations with fewer bugs has given way for new things to look forward to and enough time for us to work on other aspects of the game. I just realized that it is with Revelations that we are finally leaving behind the tough times that we endured during the past and the ripples created years ago has finally settled.

With that said, I am wising all of us good luck on the things to come and hope to see the game reach newer heights!

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