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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Beginning

Raiden Chronicles - Written by Raiden

A brief intro:

Last month I was at my home toying with an idea for a new community event when my brain which has the attention span of a plank with a face drawn into it wandered off into other topics. One such topic that lit up the evening was a ‘blog’ that G1 staff can write and share with our dedicated members.

Our lives are seldom predictable nor is it monotonous. Unfortunately, the community only gets to know a small portion of it.

No! It is not because we are bullies who want to have the larger chunk of the cake and share only a tiny portion with everyone. It is basically because we hardly find time to jot down our adventures.

I hope this will be an interesting read to many.

The beginning:

I am Raiden!

Most people know me as a bad tempered cop of the forum whose blood soars beyond boiling temperatures at the slight hint of provocation and reach out for the stack of lightning to strike the offenders and turn them to dirt. *Long sentences FTW!*

I will never claim that I am not. (HA! You thought I was going to say that I am not, didn’t you? )

One fine day I materialized out of nowhere and I have been hanging around since, helping and banning Players. So where did it all begun?


That year was when I first became the member of a family that we now know as GamersFirst. Back then I joined the company as a Customer Support dude. Yes, the same department that says NO to the many gazillion unban requests after investigations. The almighty forefront department where all the rants, weird, touching, sweet, reasonable, out right hilarious and unacceptable requests are handled.

Knight Online was the first title that I had the honor of working with. From there, my journey was like the roller coaster ride in Disneyland.

This is the first company that I have worked with where gaming and fun is mandatory. There were hush hush talks and rumors around the water cooler that all dull people who stepped into office was never heard of ever again and we could still hear faint screams from behind the locked door near the fire exit.

At my age, naturally, I have the blast of my life! \o/

The unwritten rule compelled us all to stay back for hours together on Friday evenings to engage the enemies behind the lines in War Rock or to whip the bad arse mages and priests in Knight Online. It was more than just a game. It was the battle between the Customer Support + Quality Assurance versus the GM department. The winner takes all…. the right to kick the loooosers, shout “NOOBS!!” and throw water soaked paper balls at them without the right to retaliate. Basically, the loooosers were considered as the lowest form of life on the planet until the next battle.
LOOOOSERS! *ahem* moving on…


In 2007 the acquisition of Sword of the New World was the buzz in the office. All of us were really excited about this new title and started spamming e-mails to attain the rights to login to the server and kick some butt during closed beta.

It was during that time that I was moved to a new and elite team… The team which is now known as the Sword Customer Support Department. Yes. I was a part of the core team and have been with Sword since the beginning. I still remember one ticket that I received from one of our beta players. “Awesome Boobs, man!”. Now what was I supposed to reply to that? Well I said “Thank you for the positive feedback. We appreciate your effort and will try our best to make it better”.

THE GAME!! I meant, the GAME!! Pfffft. Somebody gotta spank you guys.

A few months later, the big dude made the ultimate mistake and asked me to look after the Forums (I still suspect that it is because of replies such as that one in the ticket). Anyway, I was promoted to a Community Liaison.


By the time we threw away the old calendar and got a new one, I had worked with almost all the titles that we publish. I have worked as a WarRock GM, CS Representative for various titles and few other roles that are classified.

Then along came Red Stone, the game which gave birth to the devil’s own – Raiden (EVIL LAUGH!!!)

So working across Red Stone and War Rock became the flavor of the year and the bad arse cop became badder


The onset of 2009 saw many peaceful bans and sending the naughty kiddies to the hole when one day I was approached by the Sword team who wanted me to work with them. The newly established team basically wanted me to talk with the community and gather their concerns and feedback and relay it so that they can understand what exactly was going on. That was the time when we were on a rescue mission to bring Sword out of “The Dark Ages”.
The rest as they say ‘is history’

Today, I am here, working across all departments and maintaining that communication link between the community and the company alive. I have come a long way from the day I first stepped into K2 and I can proudly say that I am still a noob.

Am I the bad tempered cop of the forum whose blood soars beyond boiling temperatures at the slight hint of provocation and reach out for the stack of lightning to strike the offenders and turn them to dirt??

Yes I am… I am Raiden!

(Ahem! this is where you drop down on your knees!!!)

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